Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
wxXmlSerializerClass encapsulates a serializable objects' manager which is responsible for handling stored serializable objects and their serialization/deserialization from/to XML files or streams
xsPropertyClass encapsulates a property stored in a list included inside a parent serializable object (class xsSerializable) which is serialized/deserialized to/from XML file. The property object type is defined by a string name and is processed by parent xsSerializable class object
xsPropertyIOBase class encapsulating a property I/O handler. The class is used by the xsSerializable class and is responsiblefor reading and writing of an XML node containing property information. Each supported property (data) type should have its own I/O handler class. Moreover, all derived classes must provide public functions 'static wxString classname::ToString(datatype value)' and 'static datatype classname:: FromString( const wxString& value )' responsible for conversion between datatype and and its string representation (these functions are used internally by class virtual functions
xsSerializableBase class encapsulating object which can be serialized/deserialized to/from XML file (disk file or any stream). This class acts as a data container for properties (xsProperty class objects) encapsulating serialized class data members
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